A lot has happened since our cultural revolution of the 1960s. People became liberated and no more were there vices or bad decisions, only crusty old traditionalists and their judgmental ways. In reality, the “me first and never ask questions later” hedonistic crowd has done nothing to benefit man. They have destroyed our schools and universities, poisoned our culture, attacked Christianity and forcefully injected lifestyles contrary to all decency into mainstream America through entertainment. As a result of this, the family — the brick and mortar to a society — has taken the biggest hit.

The sexual revolution and the screeching promises of female liberation from the unkempt, unshaven feminists has led millions astray. There is nothing liberating for any woman to have dozens of sexual partners, lose her identity in the process, and begin living as an object to be used as opposed to a treasure to be protected by a worthy man.

How liberating can it be to have children from different fathers all of whom are absent? Meanwhile, the liberated mother works two jobs, rarely sees her children while the sun is up, has little time or extra money to enroll them into sports, take them on vacation or just spend the whole day at the park or zoo.

What does the boy feel when he notices he is going without? What emotional decision does he have to make when all he wants is to have a dad throw the football with, teach him to ride a bike, or give him manly advice about bullies or girls but then finally gives up on that fantasy? What will he think of his mother and how will he treat women when he becomes a man? Will her daughter become promiscuous in search of a male figure and affection?

Nearly three out of four poor families with children in America are headed by single parents. When a child’s father is married to his mother, however, the probability of the child’s living in poverty drops by 82 percent.

In Florida, for example, white families headed by single parents are five times more likely to be poor than those headed by married couples. In Illinois, the poverty rate for a single mother with only a high school diploma is 39.5 percent, compared with 8 percent for a married couple with the same education.

The rate of births to unmarried women—now four out of every 10 babies overall, five out of 10 for Hispanics, and seven out of 10 for blacks—has soared since the mid-1960s, when President Lyndon Johnson launched the War on Poverty. Births outside marriage are mostly to less-educated women—sadly, those with the least ability to support children.

While more Americans grow dependent on welfare, government fails to communicate the benefits of marriage even as it warns young people not to smoke, do drugs, have “unsafe” sex, or drop out of school. Rector calls this “tragic” (Heritage Foundation)

It’s a grim story, I know. As grim as it is though, it is also true. Millions of broken families live like this daily and almost without fail the cycle continues with each generation. Broken homes and single parent families are not the cause but the result of our decadent society. They are proof for a society that has lost its way.