Frank Tipler

Frank Tipler, a cosmologist, and Freeman Dyson, a polymath, are among those credentialed scientists who have made the National Academy of Sciences enemies list of persons who believe that “global warming” has yet to be scientifically proven. Tipler is number 38 and the higher-profile Dyson is number 3.

Notice that I am not saying that there has been no warming, just that the available raw data that I’ve personally been able to check do not show it. Until all the raw temperature data are placed online, so the data can be checked by anybody, a rational person has to suspend belief in global warming, to say nothing of AGW [Anthropogenic Global Warming]. The official government adjusted data for these sites do show a warming trend. All the warming is in the “corrections.” Sorry, I don’t buy it. Especially from “scientists” who are known to “correct” their raw data to “hide the decline.”

Freeman Dyson

Tipler’s short article is on Pajamas Media. His book on the “anthropic cosmological principle” is available on

Mike Gray