NAZI OAKS: THE GREEN SACRIFICE OF THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN WORLDVIEW IN THE HOLOCAUST — By R. Mark Musser — Advantage Inspirational — 2010 — Trade PB: 411 pages —ISBN: 978-1-59755-192-2

'Nazi Oaks' cover

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive.

Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither.

— C. S. Lewis

Rivers of ink have been spilled in an effort to describe Nazi Germany’s war against the world: the politics, the battles, the outcomes; but almost nothing has been produced that explains WHY this disaster came about.

In other words, what motivated the Nazis to try to conquer the world? To say that, like all totalitarians, they wanted more really explains nothing.

In Nazi Oaks, Mark Musser has hit upon THE surprising common factor that unifies all of the characteristics of the Nazi (National Socialist) regime—its politics, racism, mysticism, sadism—into a comprehensible whole.

The inconvenient truth (and a cause of considerable embarrassment in some circles even today) is that the Nazis were the “greenest” of the “green” when it came to concerns about nature. They were the “first radical environmentalists in charge of a state”; when they said they loved the natural world above everything else (including other human beings), they meant it. Hermann Goering controlled an air force that bombed babies into charred lumps, but you could expect him to fly into a rage if anyone took a potshot at a bird in the forest.

Indeed, the Nazis’ green environmentalism determined WHY they went to war, WHERE they would fight it first, and even HOW they conducted it (e.g., not using flame throwers against insurgents to protect the trees).

Nazi Oaks isn’t just a history text, however. Musser highlights the ominous connections between the green Nazis of yesteryear and the eco-Nazis of today. Instead of using bombs to kill babies, modern green totalitarians use oppressive rules and regulations whose unintended consequences (or are they really unintended) result in more dead infants in one year than Goering could produce in six.

It’s one thing if you’re willing to let your sister marry a person with such a mindset, but you should never, never, NEVER allow them access to the levers of power.

While Musser’s well-researched book is jam-packed with information gleaned from dozens of sources, the text is smooth and readable. It explains the Nazis better than a shelf-full of “official” histories ever could.

Highly recommended.

~ Mark Musser is also the author of Wrath or Rest, reviewed HERE.