'Courageous' Sean Penn accepts 2009 Best Actor Academy Award
Reading the ‘Big Hollywood’ live blog during the televised Academy Awards ceremony made it possible to get through the program without experiencing too strong a bout of flulike symptoms, S. T. Karnick writes.


The Oscar ceremony telecast was as revolting as I had expected it to be, with the usual amount of smugness, condescension, leftist politics, and elitism.

My experience of the horror was mollified greatly, however, by the opportunity to comment on the proceedings by way of a live blog during the show at Big Hollywood, the right-of-center website about the entertainment industry. It allowed me the good pleasure of reading rational people’s reactions to the grand nonsense and adding my own (aka, venting).

The most revolting moment of the program for me came during the In Memoriam segment, when images of Hollywood people who died in the past year were flashed on the TV screen and in the theater. The audience applauded dutifully for most of the people shown, and erupted into quite enthusiastic applause for some, such as producer-director-actor Sydney Pollack.

But when Charlton Heston was shown, many people in the auditorium actually stopped applauding.

That sort of bigoted political reaction is utterly contemptible, as I wrote in a message on the Big Hollywood live blog. It took serious courage for Heston to be honest about his political conservatism and fight for sincerely held beliefs, such as his vision of Second Amendment rights, in an enormously hostile Hollywood environment. That certainly merits great praise. And above all, Heston was a superb actor. The classy thing for the audience to do would have been to honor the man’s great acting career with a standing ovation. But Hollywood today almost never does the classy thing.

Also quite putrid was Best Actor winner Sean Penn’s claim that he and his fellow dingdongs involved in Milk and other ludicrous left-wing propaganda films are "courageous." The amount of courage required to make a pro-homosexuality or anti-Bush film in Hollywood is exactly the same as is required to denounce Jack Daniel’s and bikinis in Iran. Once again, Penn showed himself as far stupider than his Spicolli character and arrogant to boot.

Usually I can’t bear to watch the Oscar ceremony, as I mentioned in my recent article about Slumdog Millionaire, and Sunday I certainly would have found something else to do, if not for my Big Hollywood duty. Being able to to read my colleagues’ commonsense reactions while watching the leftwing weirdo elitist jerks made it possible for me to get through the show without throwing up in my mouth too often. That’s a huge accomplishment.

—S. T. Karnick