The BBC has admitted that its coverage of events such as Live 8 has been biasedNot that it should surprise anybody, a year-long internal investigation by the British Broadcasting Corporation has found that the BBC has a strong leftist bias.

The Telegraph reports:

The BBC has failed to promote proper debate on major political issues because of the inherent liberal culture of its staff, a report commissioned by the corporation has concluded.

Although the BBC report "maintains that the corporation’s coverage of day-to-day politics is fair and impartial," according to the Telegraph article, coverage of particular issues is biased:

The report claims that coverage of single-issue political causes, such as climate change and poverty, can be biased—and is particularly critical of Live 8 coverage, which it says amounted to endorsement.

How the BBC can be "fair and impartial" while being biased on various issues is left unexplained.

In any case, it is clear that the BBC is something of a political cult, as the Telegraph article reports:

The report concludes BBC staff must be more willing to challenge their own beliefs.

It reads: “There is a tendency to ‘group think’ with too many staff inhabiting a shared space and comfort zone.”

A staff impartiality seminar held last year is also documented in the report, at which executives admitted they would broadcast images of the Bible being thrown away but not the Koran, in case Muslims were offended.

During the seminar a senior BBC reporter criticised the corporation for being anti-American.

The report was jointly commissioned by BBC managers and the board of governors and will be published by the BBC Trust, which has since replaced the governors.

The article reports that various BBC bigwigs said that the organization is going to strengthen impartiality, etc., it the organizations coverage of issues.

We’ll see.