Burkha Barbie


It was inevitable, wasn’t it?

From The Daily Mail of London:

Makers Mattel are backing the exhibition which is the work of Italian designer Eliana Lorena.

The auction is part of Barbie celebrations for her 50th anniversary this year. The UK’s biggest Barbie fan Angela Ellis, 35, has a collection of more than 250 dolls.

So far, it appears this new version of the iconic American doll is for "collectors" only. But, c’mon! What girl wouldn’t be excited by the prospect of spending hours with friends on a rainy day playing with these fetching numbers. Oh, the fun you can have!

Burkha Barbie has been a bad girl. She’s been seen with Ken Khaled at the goat market without a family escort. So let’s bury her up to her waist in the sandbox and call in the neighborhood kids for a stoning.

What’s that? Burkha Barbie wants to go to school? Grab the acid out of Rahman’s terrorist training chemistry set and throw it in her face.

Burkha Barbie has moved with her family to Arizona and wants to date an American boy? Blasphemy! Let’s put Ken Khaled in the Malibu and run her down for shaming the clan.

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