PSUSeveral university commencement speakers have been cancelled this year because students could not abide their views, but if you really want to see the depths of academic intolerance in America you must read this article and watch the accompanying video. Be prepared: you will need a strong stomach. Of course there is profanity, but the abject hate and stupidity on display here are far more offensive.

This is, quite simply, the fascist mentality in action. It is more vicious than mob intimidation because it is coordinated and deliberate, not a group swept up in the heat of the moment. Notice the cult-like chanting, carefully coded language, and shared assumptions that no one can dare question. It would have fit right into 1930s Stalingrad, or a Nuremberg rally, but these present-day totalitarians imbibed, nurtured, and refined their views on an American university campus.

The President of Portland State University should have expelled every one of these students and had campus police move them and their belongings off site immediately. This type of behavior has no place at any institution devoted to free inquiry. Radicalized campus juveniles are a minority, but they are exerting influence beyond their numbers, and they are not being resisted. University administrators must begin to stand up to the intellectual thugs in their midst.

And if any reader has video evidence of right-of-center groups anywhere in the US (not just on college campuses, but at tea party rallies or elsewhere) demonstrating similar behavior, please let me know – I’ll post it on this site and denounce it.