Washington-Credit-Paul-Rudman-300x300From ChristianNews.net:

NEW ORLEANS, La. — Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington urged graduates at New Orleans’ Dillard University to “put God first,” stating that in his own life, he knows that all he has achieved is by the grace of God.

Washington, 60, known for his roles in films such as “Glory,” “The Preacher’s Wife,” “Remember the Titans” and “Training Day,” presented a brief 11-minute commencement speech to students that often focused on faith.

He began by sharing one of his own life lessons: that he cannot solely take the credit for his place in life. Washington recalled making a comment to his mother years ago about how big he had become, putting emphasis on the “I.”

“She said, ‘Boy, stop it right there,’” he recalled. “If you only knew how many people have been praying for you.”

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