Publicity photo for Carpoolers TV seriesThe new ABC sitcom Carpoolers which debuted last night, tells the stories of four men in professional fields who drive to and from work together. One is a dentist, one a mediator, and it was not made clear in the pilot episode what the other two do for a living. What was made clear was that the men all have problems at home.

One lives in abject terror of his slothlike wife, one has been entirely impoverished by divorce, another is deep in debt, and another is depressed because he has heard that both his wife and son make more money than he does.

In short, it is more of the Men as Whiny Schlubs trend that’s so common this TV season.

Each of the men feels a strong lack of appreciation from others, and clearly craves it. Not much of the premiere episode is particularly funny, nor does it bear much connection with reality in middle America. However, the episode ended nicely with a husband and wife developing a better understanding of each other and enjoying their marriage more fully. That was a nice thing, but overall Carpoolers just isn’t very entertaining.