Top computer scientist demoted for ID beliefs.

A top-level computer scientist on Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s Cassini Mission was demoted for expressing an opinion unpopular with his supervisors.

His views were derided and he was humiliated before his co-workers. So why did the mainstream media ignore the story?

Because it didn’t fit their preconceived narrative for a workplace discrimination story.

David Coppedge suffered harassment and workplace discrimination from his supervisors at JPL because he dared to discuss the scientific aspects of intelligent design with his a few colleagues and offered them copies of the DVDs “Privileged Planet” and “Unlocking the Mysteries of Life.” His supervisor, Gregory Chin, berated him for pushing religion in the workplace.

The Discovery Institute gets to the heart of the matter:

[H]ere we have government and government-contracted agencies, NASA and JPL, denying constitutional rights to a citizen, punishing and humiliating him for exercising his right to free speech. Yet the story as of yet has merited no significant attention from any prominent local or national news source. Why not? Well, obviously because this isn’t a story that fits the larger narrative as favored in prestige circles like those of the media. In that favored narrative, it’s always Darwinists, never Darwin doubters, who fall afoul of censors, persecuted by powerful forces in academia arrayed against orthodox evolutionary theory. Yeah, you know those powerful forces. They’re over there, in a shoebox under the bed.

When Coppedge’s superior chided him for “pushing religion” that opened the door for a lawsuit against JPL, which Coppedge felt compelled to step through in order to salvage his reputation. He filed suit in the Superior Court of California, claiming religious discrimination, harassment,  and wrongful demotion. Not that any mainstream journalists would care.