This week’s bevy of fiction related links began in the belly, with a search for food related yarns. First up, a story by the author of A Moveable Feast. From there it is on to a food fable by two grim brothers and later a collection of essays on feasting and fasting.

Man, however, does not live by bread alone, so I moved on from gustatory related canards, as you can see from the plethora of links below. For you cigar aficionados there’s a story link to a site for smoking poets (or at least a site managed by a smoking poet). You’ll have to click through to find it. Enjoy.


Essays, Commentary, and Criticism



The Writing Life with Jagi Wright

So till next week, faithful fiction fanatics (and those lured in by clever use of blog post tags), good reading. If some bit of story-telling strikes your fancy in the coming week drop a note bellow. Stories exist to be shared.