Here’s a publication no one should be without: Four Weeks is a new monthly magazine that includes a variety of articles in four categories customized for the four weeks of a woman’s menstrual cycle.

In week 1, the magazine informs us, ladies like things to be "Fun, Familiar," and in subsequent weeks "Exciting, Exotic," "Indulgent, Introspective," and "Cautious, Caring," respectively.

A yummy treat for a lady in week 4

This is information that could be very useful to any smart fellow as well, as it is obviously disastrous for a chap to give his lady fair a gift that is of the wrong type for her particular week of the month. We’ve all been forced to puzzle through the mystery of the wrong-week gift, haven’t we?

Also of great interest is the magazine’s Hormone Horoscope, which deftly combines two things of utter inscutability into an easily understood guide to life.

Thanks, gals!