"Pop Idol" winner Michelle McManus stars in "Discotivity"Who knows but that a disco Nativity is just the thing that might bring the Gospel message to some people? I certainly won’t dismiss it out of hand.

Reuters reports the weird news about the Good News:

Joseph and Mary boogie on down to Bethlehem with their loud-mouthed donkey in a disco version of the Nativity that is pure kitsch.

If awards were handed out at the Edinburgh Fringe for camp humor, then "Discotivity" would be a leading contender for top honors at the world’s largest and zaniest arts festival. . . .

Understated subtlety is not the show’s strong point.

King Herod, plotting the massacre of the innocents after the birth of Jesus, gyrates to "Disco Inferno."

When Joseph and Mary find there is no room at the inn, queue camp chorus of Village People offering the "YMCA" as alternative accommodation.

As the couple puzzle over a name for their child, Mary goes into labor, doubles up in pain and shouts "Jesus Christ!"

The musical, which is to transfer to London after Edinburgh, was written by British journalist Toby Rose. He said of the show that has a baby Jesus wheeled around stage in a supermarket trolley: "It’s all done in the best possible taste.

"It’s cheeky, has loads of jokes but we like to think it is theologically sound. Its heart is in the right place. We want people to come out thinking it was funny, not offensive."