Young America’s Foundation convened a panel on conservative books at the National Conservative Student Conference, held in early August at George Washington University in Washington, DC. National Review’s John J. Miller, Regnery Publishing President Marji Ross, and Discovery Institute’s Dr. Benjamin Wiker provided an extensive reading list for anyone interested in Conservative thought.

The following are each panelists recommendations.

National Review’s John J. Miller suggested, in the following categories:

Marji Ross, Regnery Publishing President, noted that students  should read books they don’t agree with as well as those with which they do agree. Furthermore, there are no better sources to to study than Shakespeare and the Bible in order to understand almost any literary allusion.

Ross closed her comments by telling students not to be an intellectual snobs. That is, “don’t disdain pop culture.” Her reading recommendations are in the following categories and includes several novels:

Dr. Benjamin Wiker –  Discovery Institute fellow and author of 10 Books Every Conservative Must Read and 10 Books That Screwed Up the World, didn’t break down his recommendations by categories.

Watch the entire panel at BookTV.