Cast members of The Sopranos at the 59 Primetime Emmy AwardsThe results announced at last night’s Primetime Emmy Awards for what passes as television excellence are available for your perusal here.

The Sopranos won for best dramatic series, to no one’s surprise.

Fox, which broadcast the ceremony, implemented a tape delay of several seconds in order to avoid any untoward events other than the general idiocy of the thing. AP’s TV writer mocked the decision, as I’m sure others will:

Not so great was Fox’s clunky, overeager "live" editing. In this era of FCC pressure and network timidity, viewers were reminded at least three times that the show was on a few seconds’ tape delay, with a trigger-happy censor sanitizing the dialogue by awkwardly inserting an eerily quiet wide shot of the Shrine interior.

Getting the silent treatment: a crack by presenter Ray Romano about his former co-star Patricia Heaton sleeping with new co-star Kelsey Grammer; winner Sally Field taking the Lord’s name in vain; and "Grey’s Anatomy" star Katherine Heigl, who mouthed a certain four-letter s-word when she heard her name announced as a winner.

Yes, how awful that the viewers missed those classic shafts of wit.

However, the AP writer did enjoy the show overall—which proves he’s a dingbat.