At the RedState blog, Hunter Baker provides a very good summary of what the Great Hate directed at former NBA star Tim Hardaway is all about:

Every living American probably has received their instructions by now:

"Tim Hardaway has checked out of polite society. He is not to be rehabilitated by any means. Besides, he is about five abject apologies away from being nearly apologetic enough. He has sinned against our new god who is named Tolerance. A sin against tolerance is worse in its social stigma than theft, extortion, insider trading, perjury, and spousal abuse. The Tolerance taboo is broken by hating. The penalty for breaking the taboo is to be hated. A hate for a hate as the good Book says in a socially relevant and proper interpretation."

Exactly. This whole thing is siimply an open effort at intimidation, against not just Tim Hardaway but against anyone who would question the elites’ forced consensus on any issue the latter deems important.

If this situation reminds you of a private-sector version of the government’s activities in 1984, you understand the situation correctly.

You have been warned.