This week:
* Monday—William Powell gets forgetful, with dire consequences.
* Tuesday—Men seek gold, find cheese instead.
* Wednesday—You could do worse than spend the day with Joe E. Brown.
* Thursday—Just this once, Philo Vance doesn’t need a kick in the pance.
* Friday—Gene Kelly gets serious, very serious.
* Saturday—Earp vs. the Clantons: not exactly how it actually happened.
* Sunday—Unfortunately, today Vance really could use a swift kick.


Monday—July 26th

8:30 AM—Wine, Women, and Horses (1937)
A reformed gambler risks his marriage when he returns to the betting table.

9:45 AM—When Were You Born? (1938)
An astrologer tries to help the police catch a killer.

11:00 AM—The Adventures of Jane Arden (1939)
A reporter poses as a jewel smuggler to unmask a criminal gang.

1:30 PM—Design for Scandal (1941)
A reporter is assigned to dig up dirt on a lady judge.

3:00 PM—Crossroads (1942)
A French diplomat who’s recovered from amnesia is blackmailed over crimes he can’t remember.

4:30 PM—Above Suspicion (1943)
A honeymooning couple are asked to spy on the Nazis in pre-war Europe.


Tuesday—July 27th

1:30 AM—Mackenna’s Gold (1969)
A group of men, lead by a questionable sheriff and a wanted bandit, descend upon the desert in search of a lost canyon of gold.

6:45 AM—Comet Over Broadway (1938)
A stage star’s rampant ambition leads to murder.

4:00 PM—The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936)
Two brothers love the same woman at a perilous Indian outpost.


Wednesday—July 28th

6:00 AM—Eleven Men and a Girl (1930)
A college flirt lures the nation’s best football players to join her school’s team.

7:15 AM—Sally (1930)
A waitress dreams of becoming a Broadway star.

9:00 AM—Top Speed (1930)
A humble clerk pretends to be a millionaire and gets mixed up in a yachting race.

10:15 AM—Broadminded (1931)
A rejected suitor leaves town and gets mixed up in an international chase.

11:30 AM—Going Wild (1931)
A lovesick fool pretends to be an ace flyer.

12:45 PM—Local Boy Makes Good (1931)
A timid student turns into a track-and-field star.

2:00 PM—Sit Tight (1931)
A young man goes into the wrestling ring to win a pretty lady trainer.

3:30 PM—6-Day Bike Rider (1934)
A young failure tries to impress his girlfriend by entering a bicycle race.

4:45 PM—Bright Lights (1935)
Husband-and-wife vaudeville stars separate when success goes to his head.

6:15 PM—Earthworm Tractors (1936)
At the urging of his ambitious girlfriend, a salesman starts hawking tractors.

10:00 PM—Fail Safe (1964)
A failure in the U.S. defense system threatens to start World War III.


Thursday—July 29th

12:00 AM—Network (1976)
Television programmers turn a deranged news anchor into “the mad prophet of the airwaves.”

7:15 AM—The Kennel Murder Case (1933)
Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a murder tied to a Long Island dog show.

8:30 AM—Manhattan Melodrama (1934)
Boyhood friends grow up on opposite sides of the law.

2:00 PM—I Love You Again (1940)
A solid married man discovers he’s forgotten a past existence as a con artist.

4:00 PM—After The Thin Man (1936)
Married sleuths Nick and Nora Charles try to clear Nora’s cousin of a murder charge.


Friday—July 30th

6:00 AM—Danger Signal (1945)
A man suspected of murder charms a secretary into helping him.

7:30 AMDeception (1946)
A woman tries to protect her refugee husband from her rich and powerful ex-lover.

9:30 AM—A Likely Story (1947)
A World War II veteran who thinks he’s dying gets mixed up with gangsters.

1:00 PM—Strange Bargain (1949)
A young bookkeeper is framed for his boss’s murder.

2:15 PM—Black Hand (1950)
In turn-of-the-century New York, an Italian seeks vengeance on the mobsters who killed his father.

4:00 PM—The Law and the Lady (1951)
A society jewel thief falls for one of her marks.

Saturday—July 31st

3:45 AM—Corruption (1967)
When a plastic surgeon accidentally disfigures his model girlfriend, he becomes obsessed with restoring her face.

10:30 AM—Bowery Battalion (1951)
The Bowery Boys join the Army to catch a spy ring.

3:30 PM—Gunfight at the O. K. Corral (1957)
Dramatization of the legendary battle between Wyatt Earp and the Clanton Gang.

5:45 PM—The Searchers (1956)
An Indian-hating Civil War veteran tracks down the tribe that slaughtered his family and kidnapped his niece.

8:00 PM—Bad Day at Black Rock (1955)
A one-armed veteran uncovers small-town secrets when he tries to visit an Asian-American war hero’s family.

9:30 PM—Convicts 4 (1962)
A convicted killer discovers a talent for art while behind bars.

11:30 PM—Never So Few (1959)
A U.S. military troop takes command of a band of Burmese guerillas during World War II.

Sunday—August 1st

8:00 AM—Crossroads (1942)
A French diplomat who’s recovered from amnesia is blackmailed over crimes he can’t remember.

9:30 AM—The Last Days of Pompeii (1935)
A blacksmith’s rise to wealth and power is jeopardized by his son’s Christianity and the eruption of Vesuvius.

11:15 AM—The Bishop Murder Case (1930)
Society sleuth Philo Vance investigates a series of murders inspired by Mother Goose rhymes.

5:00 PM—Fingers at the Window (1942)
A magician uses hypnosis to create an army of murderers.

6:30 PM—The Hound of the Baskervilles (1939)
Sherlock Holmes uncovers a plot to murder the heir to a country estate.

8:00 PM—The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes (1939)
The famed sleuth tries to stop Professor Moriarty from stealing the Crown Jewels.

9:45 PM—Confession (1937)
A glamorous singer commits murder to protect her daughter’s virtue.

Mike Gray