This week:
* Monday—Edward G. has a nice deal on luggage.
* Tuesday—Enjoy Harold Lloyd, with and without a voice.
* Wednesday—Ultra-cool Steve McQueen’s socks need de-icing.
* Thursday—Scatterbrained Lucille Ball vs. an organized criminal conspiracy; guess who wins.
* Friday—HAL won’t open the pod bay doors.
* Saturday—A fire fighter cooks the books.
* Sunday—Crosby stiffs Hope, Hope stiffs Crosby, repeat, repeat, repeat ….


Monday—April 19th

2:00 AM—Cruel Story of Youth (1960)
A high school student and her older lover support themselves through blackmail.

6:00 AM—Bullets for O’Hara (1941)
A gangster’s wife helps the FBI nail her husband.

12:30 PM—Larceny, Inc. (1942)
An ex-convict and his gang try to use a luggage store to front a bank robbery, but business keeps getting in the way.

6:00 PM—All Through the Night (1942)
A criminal gang turns patriotic to track down a Nazi spy ring.


Tuesday—April 20th

Harold Lloyd films from dawn to dusk.


Wednesday—April 21st

8:00 PM—The Thomas Crown Affair (1968)
A bored tycoon turns to bank robbery and courts the insurance investigator assigned to bring him in.


Thursday—April 22nd

1:00 AM—Wicked, Wicked (1973)
A detective hunts down a psycho killer drawn to women with long blonde hair.

10:30 AM—Thieves Fall Out (1941)
A young man tries to rescue his grandmother from kidnappers.

11:45 AM—The Gun Runners (1958)
A charter boat captain runs guns during the Cuban revolution.

4:30 PM—The Fuller Brush Girl (1950)
A daffy door-to-door saleswoman blunders into a murder investigation.

6:00 PM—Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)
An unscrupulous millionaire tries to catch two mysterious children with super powers.


Friday—April 23rd

8:00 PM—2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
Aliens prompt apes to pull a boner.

11:00 PM—Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)
A blue-collar worker plays with his food and thumbs a ride with ET.


Saturday—April 24th

2:00 AM—Hell’s Angels (1969)
Two brothers plot to use the Hell’s Angels to provide a diversion while they rob a Vegas casino.

3:45 AM—Rebel Rousers (1970)
A businessman fights to rescue his pregnant girlfriend from a motorcycle gang.

12:00 PM—Seven Days to Noon (1950)
A scientist threatens to detonate a nuclear warhead if the nation will not halt arms research.

2:00 PM—Five Graves to Cairo (1943)
A British corporal goes undercover to infiltrate Field Marshall Rommel’s command.

4:00 PM—Fahrenheit 451 (1966)
When literature is outlawed, French film directors grow lethargic.

10:00 PM—The Magnificent Ambersons (1942)
A possessive son’s efforts to keep his mother from remarrying threaten to destroy his family.


Sunday—April 25th

3:30 AM—Rebel Without a Cause (1955)
Instead of seeking a guidance counselor, an alienated teenager persistently resorts to method acting.

9:30 AM—Road to Singapore (1940)
A runaway tycoon and his sailor buddy try to con their way through the South Seas.

10:00 PM—Sunset Boulevard (1950)
A dead gigolo tells his tale from a watery grave.

Mike Gray