From The New York Daily News:

“OLTL" was taping scenes in late-June concerning roommates Cristian, Layla and Fish. (They’ll air in September.) Cristian and Layla suspect that sweet cop Fish is gay, but aren’t sure how to approach him about it. So they buy a book about how to tell if you’re gay and plan to give it to him.

Cristian’s mom, Carlotta, was supposed to find the book and assume Cristian is gay. Her reaction was scripted to be very accepting and even amused, citing his love of art and fondness for going shirtless as signs she should have recognized.

But Mauceri, who has played diner purveyor Carlotta Vega for 14 years, refused to play the story as written, saying a Latina mother would not be so accepting. Rather, Mauceri rewrote the scenes to make Carlotta confused and troubled, and submitted them to "OLTL" execs.

 "That’s not the story we’re telling," responded an exec.

Of course not, because every show on TV has to have some kind of homosexual element. I was watching ABC’s "Flash Forward" this week, and they just had to have a lesbian plot line with kissing and the morning after glow. It’s just so normal, don’t you know.

Why is it that Hollywood is enamored of inserting homosexuality, no pun intended, everywhere it can? Because the worldview and values of the “execs,” the people who run the studios, believe homosexuality is no different than skin color, and that homosexuals have been oppressed by America’s religiously bigoted past and they want to change that.

The U.S. media, like all the professions of cultural influence in the nation, is a left-wing monolith. If it weren’t so, we would occasionally see story lines in TV shows or movies where there is serious moral disapproval of homosexuality that is not immediately dismissed. If such disapproval is shown in contemporary dramas, those who express it are portrayed as religious fanatics or close-minded hicks.

A little more nuance about such moral issues would be greatly appreciated and make the resulting dramas and comedies more realistic. A little more “diversity,” a value dearly held by modern liberals, would help. After all, that is what most Americans believe.

But this is what we get for the last 50 years of conservatives ignoring culture except to complain about it. All the obsession on the right with politics and public policy will not change the values and stories coming out of Hollywood. Only an influx of people who appreciate and embrace America’s founding values working there will do that.

–Mike D’Virgilio