Milton and Rose FriedmanI have just heard that the economist Milton Friedman died this morning at the age of 94. Dr. Friedman was one of the great economists of the last century, and his wise counsel of economic matters will be greatly missed. He was the author who perhaps most greatly strengthened my interest in the value of free markets and freedom of choice in societies.

In books such as Capitalism and Freedom and Free to Choose (written with his wife, Rose), Friedman consistently championed free-market capitalism in an era when statism was the norm. His ideas truly changed the world, as Ronald Reagan initiated a turn to free-market economics in the United States that was picked up in countless other nations and is still strong.

Friedman was a superb economist, a brilliant and independent thinker, and an inspiring intellectual leader. Please click here to find his books and read the works of this great thinker and brilliant communicator.