The Lifetime TV network is pressing forward with a campaign to lure a younger, more urban, more homosexual audience, giving the lie to the notion that American homosexuals are endangered by widespread oppression.
Publicity photo for Lifetime TV show 'How to Look Good Naked' 

The risible notion that homosexuals are an oppressed class in the United States—they have significantly higher personal income than heterosexuals—took another blow when the Lifetime TV network announced that it had lured the reality program Project Runway away from the Bravo network.

Lifetime is paying $1 million per episode for the program which Bravo had been getting for $600,000 per.

Lifetime made the big offer as part of an effort to rebrand itself, moving away from its longtime appeal to middle-aged women toward a hipper image, chasing a younger, more urban, and more homosexual audience. Another aspect of the effort is How to Look Good Naked, a reality show which premiered on Lifetime in January and stars Carson Kressley, formerly of the Bravo show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

Thus Lifetime joins Bravo and Logo as U.S. TV networks openly courting homosexual s and their high incomes almost universally unencumbered by children.

The fact that multiple TV channels are openly chasing the homosexual market tells you all you need to know about how oppressed homosexuals are in the United States today.