You may have seen the link on our Newswire, ‘Daily Show’ Brilliantly Exposes President of ‘Civility Project’ Who Smeared Tea Partiers as ‘Terrorists’. This is what Rush Limbaugh has creatively come to call a random act of journalism, and it’s brilliantly executed and hilarious. In a media dominated by lefty progressive liberals, it’s a rare thing when they call their own side out on their inconsistencies or flagrant distortions. When this happens, conservatives, libertarians, classical liberals, constitutionalists (have I left anyone out), everyone who cares about liberty and limited government, gets excited. Wow! Truth in the media; far out!

Thus the great dilemma of all we liberty and limited government types; we get some crumbs from the media, or popular culture, and we cheer, when we should be distraught over the fact that the left completely dominates professions that have such profound cultural influence (I always add education and academia in my big three). We can win elections, but if the American people believe that the big government welfare state is not a threat to their liberty, prosperity and way of life, we’ll keep getting a bigger government and welfare state, no matter who wins elections, as has happened over the last three decades.

According to a recent Gallup poll, more Americans consider themselves politically conservative than either moderate or liberal, which is a minor miracle considering that for most of them they’ve spent their entire lives educated by liberals, entertained by liberals, and informed by liberals. Yet even here, how many of these self described conservatives really embrace and understand constitutionally mandated limited government, really understand the principals of the Founding Fathers that government is tyranny, and that it must be shackled lest it destroy the liberties of a free people; probably not as many as we might think.

That is why the conservative movement writ large needs to add to its obsession with politics an obsession with culture. This isn’t to say that culture should be politicized, far from it. But it is to say that, as some ancient Greek guy once put it, that the true, the good and the beautiful, and the liberty that allows those to flourish, should be infused throughout American culture. And if we don’t have people who believe in and embrace these things in professions that profoundly affect the mindset and worldview of every American, we’ll keep getting more of what we’ve already got.