The problems facing America today transcend politics, yet are enabled by politics. Politics is business first, and politicians are businessmen. There is money in problems, and very little in actually fixing them. Therefore, our societal problems and political corruptness spin in a vicious circle. So we must look elsewhere for the source of correction.

What is essentially chopping at the trunk of society is iconoclasm. What that means is the presence of an organized force within America hellbent on toppling the old order so that they can create anew. These forces are not a rampaging army that can simply destroy monuments and erase history. There’s an easier and less costly way. They are getting you to do it.

Bringing America to its knees is the continuing assault and piecemeal surrenders of its culture, which is leading to its replacement: Postmodern nihilism. What was once understood as settled has been disturbed and scattered. Like a band of gravediggers searching for loot or cheap thrills, nothing is sacred except the alternative, and whatever slithers or stands to oppose tradition. We can thank the fourth estate for that. Media and entertainment are masterful at making things normally a point of contention and debate appear normal and ordinary.

Americans who once thought they would never have homosexuals over for dinner in their living room have in fact each time they tuned into Will and Grace. Americans who once thought they would never associate or empathize with a married homosexual couple with an adopted child have in fact each time they tuned into Modern Family.

The American living room is sacred ground. If one is ever received and given permission to enter, it is by the grace and trust of the master of the home. That is why salesmen rarely make it over the threshold, but friends can take a seat without bothering to ask. It’s through the sense of ordinariness and trust that the liberal media have gained access to manipulate and turn public sentiment. Through a virtual way, postmodern liberals have redefined America. The only thing left is for the real act to follow.

They needn’t knock on your door or even visit your neighborhood. There would be no use because they would find little sympathy. However, there is no need to. They have uninhibited access to not only your living room, but also your entire home and family. They’ve come through impostors, sympathetic and humorous characters they created to gain your trust and influence you.

These television shows establish the closest thing to a relationship countless people have ever had with a liberal or a homosexual couple. And you’ve found, at least for thirty minutes at a time, that these people aren’t at all different from you. In fact, they’re funny, quirky, and charming and would make pretty decent neighbors. Whatever thoughts you may have about their “community,” you are at least made indifferent toward their issues, and, so, are complacent toward your own. They win without you conceding defeat, which is still a victory.

Hence same-sex marriage isn’t so much of an issue as it once was. A ridiculous-looking young lady (or a young man who acts like a young woman) twerking and performing simulated sex acts for millions of teenagers to see is classified as entertainment. Teenagers recording their female classmate performing oral sex (whether it is on a male or female student matters little nowadays) are now seen only as an out-of-hand and “unfortunate” imitation of Glee.

We behave in the way we are shown. Modern man shouldn’t fool himself into believing otherwise. Man has the capability, absence of self-worth, and cultural consciousness, of being the lowest circus animal, performing for less than peanuts.

Iconoclasm has rendered the term “counterculture” a boring anachronism. There is no true counterculture in America. There is only what is left of the former American-European culture, which at present can see its own sunset. Indeed, the only counterculture to be found is from those last traditionalist holdouts from a past era.

Thus, onward we go according to the script, passing milestone after milestone, deeper into the unknown and toward that brave new world.

Jason B. Corley is the founder and editor at Members of the Right.