Homosexual activists are attacking Super Bowl-winning Indianapolis Colts head coach Tony Dungy for agreeing to attend a dinner to accept an award from an organization that promotes traditional family values.

Interestingly, Dungy has not said anything against homosexuality himself, but is being attacked simply for going to dinner with people who oppose the idea of changing marriage laws to force private citizens and organizations to acknowledge "same-sex marriages."

Focus on the Family reports:

Jim Buzinski, co-founder of OutSports.com, a Web site aimed at the homosexual audience, claims that Indiana Family Institute (IFI) is a political organization.

"He is speaking at the dinner next week in front of group that is very much a political organization," Buzinski said.
IFI President Curt Smith said neither the dinner nor the award is political.

"The purpose of this award is to celebrate those who live out the family ethic that we think is at the heart of a healthy and successful society," Smith said. "There was no five-point quiz where he had to agree with us on a number of public policy questions. In inviting him and then following up with a letter, we didn’t discuss public policy."

Jim Daly, president of Focus on the Family Action, said gay groups would like to silence anyone they perceive as opposing the gay agenda — even a celebrated athlete or coach.

Exactly. In fact, I believe that these activists are intent on going after prominent sports figures in particular, because seeing their heads on the activists’ pikes sends a powerful message to the hoi polloi, especially young men.

This effort by homosexual activists is also clearly an attack on Christians, part of a concerted attempt to drive Christianity from the public square altogether after forcibly removing it from all possible support by government, to the point of even shredding any implicit endorsement that might be made. Now all public expression of Christian values is increasingly under attack. As Daly of Focus on the Family puts it:

"Unfortunately, this is becoming a pattern for those that oppose Christianity," he added. "They want to control our speech in the public square, embarrass us and try to belittle us. It really is a form of fascism."

The activists’ strategy has worked thus far, as shown in the case of NBA player Tim Hardaway, whose public statement of intense disdain for homosexuality ignited a furor of attacks against him and an explicit attempt to destroy him both socially and economically.

When one side fights and the other doesn’t, guess who wins?

My guess is that this attack won’t succeed, because Dungy is too well-liked, too diplomatic, and too strong-willed to be taken down at this time.

You may rest assured, however, that the homosexual activists’ attacks on sports figures will continue and intensify.