The Man Who Would Be King of the WorldIf you think it’s just a coincidence that all of the myriad of problems identified by the statist politicians and "thinkers" whom our contemporary media love so well can be solved only by more government and less freedom, then you’ll find Al Gore’s forthcoming book very convincing, I’m sure.

Judging by his publisher’s statements, The Path to Survival will show exactly what the environmental movement means in practice: bigger government, less freedom.

The book will be released as a paperback original in April 2008, and offers "a visionary blueprint for the changes we should make as a world community," according to publisher Rodale Books in a statement issued yesterday:

He explains how making bold choices now to protect our environment will also create new jobs, propel sustainable economic improvements, and inspire a new generation to tackle our most challenging issues with moral leadership.

The release makes it clear that the statists’ allegations of an urgent global environmental crisis requiring immediate, worldwide action are really just the major part of a call for a collectivist political movement to replace the murderous, failed twentieth century experiment in communism:

"Part scientific manual, part expose, part visionary call for a new planet-wide political movement, the book will appeal to those who were motivated by the call to action of An Inconvenient Truth and who are now ready to fight for the solutions that were considered politically impossible only a short time ago."

Don’t be fooled by the pretty rhetoric. "Bold changes" means a self-appointed ruling class runs your life with ever-increasing arrogance and iron-fistedness while falsely claiming science is on their side and the world will end if we don’t do as they say. And to enforce it, they will ensure that all who disagree are cast out of society as "deniers" bought and paid for by big business.

As if it were morally better to be bought and paid for by big government!

Businesses may accidentally kill a few people here and there on occasion, but governments deliberately kill by the millions. Remember that when you hear the latest enviro-rants. This is all about running your life, not saving the world.