Earlier this month I came across a piece in the LA Times with a title we thought we’d never see in the age of Obama: “Homelessness, hunger climbing in U.S. cities, mayors’ survey says.” Not that we would have expected economic miracles from the most progressive president in American history, but we have come to expect our mostly progressive press to ignore any negative news that might implicate their “Chosen One.” Which is why even though the five years this president has presided over an economy that has not produced an unemployment rate below 7% it never affected his popularity with the American people.

We call this mainstream media bias. It seems, though, that the Obamacare disaster has not only soured the American people on the president, but even the mainstream media has become critical. The many egregious blunders and power grabs of this administration have even become too much for them to ignore. A shocking headline I read recently in the quintessential mainstream media organ, The New York Times, brought this home: “Obama’s Orwellian Image Control.” And there have also been recent stories of anger in the White House press corps regarding access for photographers. I also heard, amazingly enough, a story on NPR about what a horrible year it has been for Obama.

The question becomes will the media’s inherent liberalism be enough to save the Democrats from disaster in next year’s mid-term elections. The entire Democratic Party hitched its wagon to Obamacare and they are suffering for it in the polls, and even positive spin stories in the media might not be able to save them. Not that they won’t try.