Harris Interactive‘s annual polls of public opinion of entertainers found Clint Eastwood as the top movie star and Oprah Winfrey is the best-liked TV personality.

Other interesting findings:

NBC talk-show host Jay Leno dropped from number 1 to number 3 in the TV list (and the poll was taken before the recent public bloodletting over NBC’s talk show scheduling). Men still rated Leno as their favorite, however, while women favor Winfrey.

Fox News personality Glenn Beck debuted on the list at number two, much to the dismay of the several-dozen people who watch MSNBC.

Seven of the ten personalities on the TV list are talk show hosts.

George Clooney is back on the movie stars list after a two-year absence in which he concentrated on overtly political films as opposed to this year’s Up in the Air. Lesson learned? (Probably not.)

Johnny Depp jumped all the way to number 2 from number 8 last year. Apparently people don’t hold him responsible for Public Enemies.

Sandra Bullock returned to the list, at number 4.

Number 1 move star among political independents: Eastwood

Number 1 movie star in the Midwest: Depp

Number 1 movie star in the South: Sandra Bullock

Tops movie star among Democrats and number 3 overall: Denzel Washington, last year’s number 1

Top TV star in the West: Hugh Laurie

Top TV star among Democrats: Jon Stewart

Top TV star among Independents: Glenn Beck