Amy Adams in Enchanted film

U.S. film audiences are continung to make it clear that their preference these days is for politically neutral films that send a positive message.

The new Disney comedy Enchanted opened well over Thanksgiving weekend, earning over $50 million at the U.S. box office, finishing number one for the period.

It’s a charming and amusing picture with some good meaning behind it and deserves success.

Finishing second, with a total take of $27 million, was This Christmas, a holiday comedy-drama with an African-American cast, which has received generally poor reviews.

Beowulf came in third, taking in $16 million between Friday and Sunday. The new action film Hitman was fourth, bringing in $13 million from Friday to Sunday and $21 million for the five-day period. Bee Movie is still buzzing along, in fifth place with a three-day take of $12 million.

The Coen brothers’ bleak but interesting and thoughtful film No Country for Old Men, now in wide release, finished tenth.