Teri Hatcher of Desperate Housewives TV seriesThe popular ABC TV series Desperate Housewives will add two homosexual characters to its recurring cast this fall. E! Online reports

The season is already shaping up to be more diverse than years past, introducing the first ever gay couple to Wisteria Lane.

Judging Amy‘s Kevin Rahm and One Life to Live‘s Tuc Watkins have nabbed recurring roles on the series. They will play the show’s first gay couple, but details are scarce about their exact story line. Though if tradition is any indication, it’s likely the seemingly happy couple will have something to hide from their nosy neighbors.

At the TCA conference last month, Cherry indicated that one of the men will have a particularly fractious relationship with [actress Teri] Hatcher’s Susan, whose desire to be politically correct and prove her open-mindedness at the new couple backfires.

Undoubtedly the show’s producers will be mighty careful to avoid suffering the same fate.

In the similarly suburban-angsty film American Beauty, you will recall, the homosexual couple was presented as the only happy match in the entire narrative. For the couple in Desperate Housewives to deviate from that mythical contemporary political-cultural ideal would be to court endless harassment from radical homosexual groups.