Uncle JoeYes, I know we’re surprised. David French, one of the most articulate culture warriors on the right, points out a slight inconsistency on the part of some retailers in light of the shootings at the South Carolina Church. As you by now know, an avowed racist went into a black church, attended a Bible study, then shot 10 people point blank, killing nine. Since modern liberals pretty much despise the South, something had to be done, and because symbolism is all important to the progressive mindset, the Confederate Flag had to go. Good liberal corporate citizens couldn’t just sit on the sidelines, so Amazon and eBay, among other retailers, determined that there would be “No More Confederate Flags, but Nazis and Mao Are Fine.”

Due to some combination of activist journalism and corporate conscience, major retailers such as Amazon, eBay, Target, and Wal-Mart are removing Confederate flags and other types of Confederate memorabilia from their shelves. Let’s pause for a moment and applaud the Left for its dramatic about-face on the question of corporate morality. Just one year after denying that corporations can have a conscience when that conscience dictates opposing abortion, the reversal is now complete. Corporations — as instruments of the people who run them — do indeed exercise First Amendment rights and do indeed express a moral point of view in the products they offer.

So I jumped right to Amazon, and lo and behold there is plenty of Stalin and Mao, as well, of course, the left’s favorite killer, Che Guevara, and a plethora of Nazi paraphernalia. Let’s see, these retailers don’t mind people celebrating mass murderers, but a Confederate Flag is just too much to tolerate. I think people should be allowed to celebrate mass murderers on their body, or coffee cups, if they want to, but I just can’t help noticing how these retailers are quite selective with their corporate conscience. And as French shows, hypocrites too.