04h_GreekOne of the finest early-period mysteries by one of the greatest mystery writers (actually a two-man writing team) is now available in etext form for just $1.99, for a limited time. The Greek Coffin Mystery, by Ellery Queen, has one of the most complex and satisfying mystery puzzles of all time, including four separate solutions, only the last of which is correct. Written in 1932 but set in New York City during the 1920s, The Greek Coffin Mystery finds a young and cocky Ellery Queen injecting himself into a complex mystery set in a wealthy area of Manhattan beset by puzzling murders and gothic atmospherics.

If you want to see how intelligent, well-written, and emotionally compelling the mysteries of the Agatha Christie era could be, The Greek Coffin Mystery is a great place to start.

It’s truly one of the great mystery novels of all time, and you can get it for practically noting at Amazon.com today.