TV talk-show hostess Ellen DeGeneres is getting married to a woman. So where’s the oppression?

 Talk show hostess Ellen DeGeneres (l) and her "bride," Portia deRossi

The photo above is of a lesbian couple, one of whom is immensely wealthy, getting married.

Two things should be perfectly clear from this:

One, given that Ellen DeGeneres is only one of numerous openly homosexual Americans who have managed to accumulate vast wealth in our society, homosexuals are decidedly not an oppressed class in the United States.

Two, contrary to activists’ plaintive cries and angry denunciations of American society, homosexuals can and do get married, and in perfectly fabulous, well-attended, enormously publicized weddings if they wish.

There is no oppression of them to be found.

The push for same-sex marriage laws is not a move for freedom for people of the same sex to "marry" each other. They already have  that. On the contrary, the press for same-sex marriage laws is a blatantly statist, coercive attempt to force everyone else to acknowledge these unions regardless of their own personal opinions and wishes.

That is oppression, pure and simple and outrageous. All freedom-loving people should oppose the imposition of same-sex marriage laws.