This event is only a few hours old as this is being written, but it is already possible to predict what will happen as a result of it, namely those in charge of public policy will draw all the wrong conclusions from it and push for “solutions” that will really solve nothing.

The “press conference” (quotation marks seem justified) with the man currently occupying the highest office in the land should be regarded as highly indicative of the relationship that presently exists between the recumbent “media” and the nation’s CEO. Unless I’m mistaken, not one of the press ventured to ask him any questions after he made his tearful statement, as they would have if it had been anyone else standing there. That’s their job!

It would be too much to ask that those tears might have been prompted by the realization on his part that all of the anti-Second Amendment hostility his administration has engendered and exploited resulted in twenty-seven deaths in Connecticut.

It wouldn’t be at all surprising if the school where the tragedy occurred has, like the one I taught at, a sign out front proudly declaring THIS IS A GUN-FREE ZONE, with an implied MASS MURDERERS WELCOME — YOU WILL MEET NO RESISTANCE.

The whole situation looks like another photo-op for gun control advocates.

Their “solution,” as always, will be to disarm responsible Americans and make future massacres even more likely.