Jon Stewart licking Barack Obama's boots on his 'Daily Show'
The odious Democrat bootlicker Jon Stewart gets his tail handed to him in the Washington Times.

I have always considered Jon Stewart (The Daily Show) to be a thoroughly repugnant ass and his TV show a bunch of garbage for only the very stupidest of left-wing nobrains. As a result of my avoidance of the man and his works, I have seldom had occasion to write about him.

Thus I greatly enjoyed Andrew Breitbart’s column about Stewart in today’s Washington Times, in which he shows up Stewart as a partisan hack.

My only prior substantive reference to Stewart in this august publication, in fact, characterized him as "another open Democrat partisan talker" as opposed to him being any sort of comedian, and I dismissed him as an uninteresting Democrat water-carrier.

Of course, that has been far from the mainstream media’s characterization of the man. Instead they have hailed him as a wit on the order of Mark Twain and Oscar Wilde, when in fact he is a nitwit on the order of Keith Olberman and other media toadeaters for the contemporary self-proclaimed progressive agenda.

While presenting himself as a no-holds-barred critic of all things unwise and his TV show as a nonpartisan source of smart satire, Stewart has long slavishly carried water for the left, ever since his days at MTV many years ago. He consistently mocked the hapless President George W. Bush, quite appropriately, but he gave a free pass to the revolting Demoncrat Congress that went along with Bush’s international schemes and pressed for huge government spending increases as their quid pro quo, which resulted in economic disaster.

(The word "Demoncrat" used above to describe the current congressional majority was a typo, but I have chosen to let it stand, as I consider it a felicitous mistake.)

The real test would come, of course, when the presidency changed hands and a real "progressive" took office and began to implement a dizzying variety of policies expanding government control and throwing individual liberties into the dustbin.

Predictably, Stewart has continued his old ways, attacking obscure and powerless Republicans while giving a free pass to President Obama as the Chief Executive and his complicit Congress attempt a grotesque and horrifying transformation of the United States into a combination of 1970s Great Britain and current-day Mexico. Breitbart describes it well:

So, unchastened, Mr. Stewart has decided to take his partisanship to new heights. Most notably, he is working harder than ever to ensure that elected Democrats escape scrutiny for the financial crisis.

That is why Mr. Stewart scapegoated CNBC’s Jim Cramer and turned his supposed comedy show into a pious drubbing of a man at best peripheral to the origins of the current economic instability. The New York Post reported that Mr. Stewart was coached on the topic by his brother, Larry Leibowitz (yes, that is Jon Stewart’s real last name), who is the type of high-flying Wall Street creature his brother broadly intended to deride.

But Mr. Stewart is now actively fighting for an administration and a party he believes in. He is treading lightly with Barney Frank. Chris Dodd may become a fall guy, but only if it serves the master’s needs. And the Republicans are public enemy number one.

I too saw the clips of Stewart’s attack on Cramer (who is indeed a jackass) and was repulsed by the fact that Stewart gave him a free ride for several years but jumped down the man’s throat only when Cramer had the temerity to criticize an Obama policy. The nakedness of Stewart’s craven fealty to the president was quite revolting.

The direct occasion for Breitbart’s article was a recent Stewart attempt at satire in which the beloved comic unwisely took on Big Hollywood proprietor Breitbart, someone who’s aware of Stewart’s predilections and is both willing and able to fight back. Brietbart’s rejoinder characterizes Stewart accurately:

Jonathan and his amazing technicolor dream-teleprompter (yes, he has one too) has for 10 years used sophisticated character assassination to slyly annihilate the political enemies of the Democratic Party.

The show’s multitude of liberal, Ivy-League-educated writers—another Obama echo—feed the mildly successful former stand-up comedian irony-laden words that he offers up with his signature goofy facial expressions. And Jon Stewart has a studio audience of pliant seals commanded and trained to flap their fins at every smirk or sarcastic joke. 

Breitbart’s description of Stewart’s claque is brilliant and priceless. He then goes on to expose the media’s complicity and blatant political partisanship in turning this boring ass into a cultural archetype receiving nearly universal adulation among the U.S. press:

If the targets were switched and Democrats had the same five-day-a-week bull’s-eye placed on their heads, no one doubts that financier George Soros and Media Matters would wage a well-funded rampage to destroy Mr. Stewart and his scribes. Nancy Pelosi would be demanding a comedy Fairness Doctrine. And "The Daily Show" and its partner in crime "The Colbert Report" would be taken off the air within 30 days of electoral primaries and within 60 days of general elections to comply with McCain-Feingold. 

Despite the media adulation that makes Stewart appear much more important and influential than he really is, his audience is not very big, and is less than that of Rush Limbaugh and infinitesimal compared with the the total listenership of the nation’s right-of-center radio talk shows. Obviously their influence is far greater than his, but their listeners, largely working- and middle-class Americans, don’t get any respect from the mainstream media, and those who champion their ideas and values are routinely vilified and calumniated without even the slightst restraint or pretense at fairness.

As a smug and pretentious elitist who portrays himself as more intelligent than the opposition when in fact he simply reads Demoncrat talking points in a snarky tone of voice while expressing mock astonishment, Stewart caters to an audience of people who likewise think themselves superior to the population as a whole and hence think that pseudointellectuals such as themselves should be given the keys to the car and the rest of us should remain in the back seat and shut the hell up.

It is high time that people of good taste and common sense fought back against this odious political hack and partisan bootlicker.

I hope that Breitbart’s shot across the bow will be just one of many, many to come.

S. T. Karnick