Oh, they didn’t? Well, this weekend’s show hasn’t happened yet, so maybe one of the writers will happen upon The American Culture and get a fantastic idea for a skit!

What is this “ForAll” thing, you ask? That would be the Obama campaign encouraging people to write messages of support for the president on their hands and take a photo of it to share with the world. Actress Jessica Alba, bless her heart, even encouraged voters to “pledge allegiance” to the president. Here is the Wall Street Journal’s inimitable James Taranto’s take on it:

Yesterday we had some fun at the expense of the Obama campaign’s latest effort to attract voters whose age and IQ are both in the 18 to 29 range. The campaign instructed its followers to write messages on their right hands then upload to Facebook or Twitter photos of themselves pledging allegiance to the Dear Leader. The hashtag, #forall, echoes the final words of the real Pledge of Allegiance.

Seeing this in action, it’s creepier than we first realized. National Review’s Daniel Foster highlights a photo of campaign manager Jim Messina with writing on both his hands: “Obama” on the left, “Care” on the right, positioned so you read them in that order. The smile on his face is terrifying; he looks like somebody who shouldn’t be allowed near the immature people for whom the campaign is meant.

As the subtitle of his piece says, “The Obama cult is back!” Indeed, there is something less than rational about many of Obama’s supporters, because results don’t much seem to matter to them.

As for SNL, we know all the writers and performers on the show are pretty much on the political/cultural left. So it doesn’t surprise us that when they “mock” the president it always seems to make him look cool; not quite the same as how they portrayed Romney last weekend. But this hand writing thing is rich for ridicule. Texas governor Rick Perry got in the spirit. Is it too much to ask the writers and cast of SNL for a little equality in mockery? Probably.