The commercialization of eccentricity continues to reach new levels of absurdity. Charismatically nutty Cincinnati Bengals receiver Chad Johnson is marketing his goofy new hairstyle, AP reports:

Chad Johnson, the master of the touchdown dance and the locker room list, is branching out into the field of marketing.

Marketing what? Himself, of course.

The Pro Bowl receiver changed his hairstyle this season — instead of the shaved head, he’s got a blond-dyed Mohawk — and is helping the Cincinnati Bengals sell his new look at their gift shop.

For $30, fans can buy a rubber scalp with a blond Mohawk to slip on the tops of their heads, a sign of unity with the most colorful Bengal. The "Chad Mohawk Head" will be available at the team’s gift shop before the home opener against Cleveland on Sept. 17.

"You don’t have to cut a Mohawk anymore," Johnson said, in a late-night infomercial tone. "You can just go buy the hat. You can buy the head. It’s me."