Yusuf IbrahimThis is a story about murder, but it’s also a story about the U.S. media and their bias against one of the world’s largest religious groups.

Let’s suppose that a Christian murdered two Muslims in, say, Jersey City, New Jersey. Let’s further suppose that he cut off the heads and hands of his victims and buried them in a town southwest of Philadelphia.

The press reaction? Based on past treatment of such atrocities as the shooting of Rep. Gabby Giffords, we know that the media would instantly connect the killings to the alleged murderer’s religious beliefs, regardless of the lack of any evidence that there was any causal relationship at all and indeed in the face of the obvious truth that Christianity explicitly teaches against hatred, revenge, and prejudice.

Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Paul Ryan, and the other usual suspects would surely be rounded up and questioned about their complicity in the murder.

So, when an apparent Muslim commits heinous murder against two Coptic Christians, a similar uproar results, right?

Wrong. You won’t find it splashed all over CNN, CBS, or the New York Times, the way the Giffords story correctly was (and which they used to slander political conservatives) and the wall-to-wall coverage of the alleged girlfriend-murder by South African track star Oscar Pistorius (in itself a relatively unimportant event which CNN and others have predictably turned political as a tale of rampant violence against womenwhich requires, you guessed it, more government; the story contemptibly connects wartime mass-rapes with domestic violence).

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