DormRoomSexModern liberalism has pulled a fast one over the American people. Liberals and their mouthpieces in the media, academia and entertainment, have long portrayed conservatives as the aggressors in the so called culture wars: conservatives are the ones who want to invade your bedroom and tell you what to do, who want to dictate morality to everyone and then force people to live that way by a theocracy they’ve always wanted to impose.

Of course this is the exact opposite of the truth, but those mediums of cultural influence are pretty much ubiquitous and are dominated by the liberal lie machine. Fortunately for us the totalitarian nature of modern liberalism is becoming increasingly apparent. Jonah Goldberg with his typical aplomb and acumen skewers liberal pretensions to liberty in a piece about a new law just passed in California (completely dominated at all levels of state government by Democrats) to regulate college sex:

[F]or years I’ve been railing and ranting about the ridiculous myth that liberalism is socially libertarian; that liberals are “live and let live” types simply defending themselves against judgmental conservatives, the real aggressors in the culture war.

Liberals, meanwhile, are quite open about their desire to use the state to impose their morality on others.

That thinking runs counter to most everything liberals justifiably take pride in, as liberals. You can’t be “agents for change,” “forces for progress,” or whatever the current phrase, and claim that you’re not the aggressors in the culture war. Liberals have redefined a millenniums-old understanding of marriage while talking as if it were conservatives who wanted to “impose” their values on the nation.

Most libertarians are surely against racial discrimination, sexism, poor eating habits, homophobia and so on. But their proposed remedies don’t look anything like a liberal’s. Libertarians, for the most part, do not favor racial or gender quotas. They’re against banning big sodas, campus speech codes or forcing elderly nuns to pay for birth control coverage, among other things.

Liberals, meanwhile, are quite open about their desire to use the state to impose their morality on others. Many conservatives want to do likewise, of course. The difference is that when conservatives try to do it, liberals are quick to charge “theocracy!” and decry the Orwellian horror.

As conservatives and libertarians continue their push to engage and get involved in the culture, especially the professions I mentioned above, it will grow more difficult for modern liberalism to hide its true nature.