Tony Shaloub as Adrian MonkIn my view, Monk is one of the best programs on television: it’s funny, always has strong plots and interesting characters, and upholds values I consider quite laudable. When Monk deals with traditional Judeo-Christian religion, it does so respectfully, another thing I like about the program, and it does so subtly, without being the slightest bit preachy, which makes the treatment palatable for those who don’t share that faith.

This is an aspect of the show that has been little remarked upon, and I think that suggests the treatment is very effective, in that it doesn’t offend people while still making its points. That is an important lesson for writers and filmmakers to learn, I think.

I own the Monk pilot movie and first three seasons on DVD, and I do watch them during those long, sad months when the show is on hiatus. (There are only about a dozen new episodes per year, running for about six consecutive weeks at the beginning of the year and then in July and August.)