Even in the age of cable, conservative talk radio, and the internet, Republicans greatest enemy is still the media. Unfortunately it will be this way for a long time to come. A perfect example of why this enemy is so implacable comes to us courtesy of Donald Trump. A step-by-step explanation of this demonic process can be found at Breitbart, “How the Media Smeared Donald Trump as  a Nazi”:

A story is making the rounds on Facebook that claims Republican frontrunner Donald Trump is calling for “ID badges” for American Muslims. The image on the story is of Jewish children wearing yellow starts during the Holocaust. Very frightening–and a lie.

There are six steps in the process:

Step 1: Seed. 

Step 2: Amplify.

Step 3: Distort. 

Step 4: Smear. 

Step 5: Nazi.

It’s ingenious really, and indicative of the liberal/progressive disregard of truth in their will to power. All that matters to the modern Democratic Party and its acolytes in the media is their political power, and the truth if it matters at all is only of value as a means to that end.