The professional snotty bore and antinomian terror Kathy Griffin, who bills herself as a comedian, called a U.S. Senator’s two daughters prostitutes last week. Clearly her dislike for Republican Senator Scott Brown’s politics is behind Griffin’s gust of revolting flatulence, but I strongly believe that it’s time that we stop dismissing such vileness and pretending that it doesn’t matter, that we’re all unaffected by such swinish public behavior. Allowing people to get away with wrongs only emboldens them to worse offenses.

Like anybody else, Griffin has a right to say whatever she want to whoever will listen. And those who oppose her and others’ destruction of the nation’s public discourse have a right to be heard as well. It is time for each of the most egregious instances of behavior such as Griffin’s to be answered directly.

Take a stand: I recommend that readers Retweet this message—using the button above—and ask all of their friends and associates to do so as well.

Also, please consider leaving a comment on Bravo TV executive Andy Cohen’s blog here, informing him and the network that you won’t watch any shows on Bravo until it cancels Kathy Griffin’s show.

Let’s let the world know we will not accept such slimy behavior.

—S. T. Karnick