The Jonas Brothers


The Jonas Brothers band members showed the tediously vulgar English comedian Russell Brand how to behave, after his embarrassing performance at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony.

This story from the BBC appeared last month, but I think it’s worth bringing to your attention. It describes how the Jonas Brothers rock band reacted to comedian Russell Brand’s ignorant attack on them during last month’s MTV Video Music Awards program. In short, the preternaturally wholesome rock and rollers responded in a generous and gentlemanly manner:

The comedian took a pop at the band over the purity rings they wear which symbolise their virginity.

Band member Nick Jonas told Newsbeat: "For us it’s cool to see that he recognises we are gentleman."

Brand later apologised to the boys for the jibe during Sunday’s ceremony which was held in Los Angeles. . . .

Kevin [Jonas] didn’t seem to think it had spoilt their evening either, especially as the band had a lot of support.

He said: "We had a lot of friends there and everybody’s so nice. We had a good time." . . .

Nick Jonas also backed Brand’s comedy style. He said: "I think he did a good job. We saw him on Conan O’Brien and thought he was hilarious."

The boys showed much more maturity and dignity than their elder. That’s too often true these days.