Iron Man 2The Iron Man 2 trailer is available online. Here is an interesting exchange included in the exciting clip:

Senator Stern: “Our priority is to have you turn over the Iron Man weapon to the American people.”

Tony Stark: “Well, you can forget it. We’re safe. The American people are secure. You want my property? You can’t have it! But I did you a big favor. … I have successfully privatized world peace.”

Is this the free market superhero some on the Right have longed for?

Some might say that there may be something of a sucker punch coming. I look at it as nothing more than introducing conflict, necessary for any good film. The trailer portrays the acts of one very nasty bad guy, intriguingly portrayed by Mickey Rourke, who shows up to spoil Stark’s vision of “privatized world peace.”

The tease to the phenomenally successful Iron Man does have a much different feel, especially concerning private industry and the government, than one gets from the extended trailer to James Cameron’s Avatar.

For those who familiar with the Iron Man stories: The steel gray individual standing behind Iron Man in the image shown here is War Machine, not “Peace Machine.”

I predict that advance ticket sales to Iron Man 2 will be stronger for this than have been to date for Avatar.