Given today’s historic Supreme Court decisions regarding the redefinition of marriage, and that Paula Deen was grilled, self-righteously, by the “Today Show’s” Matt Lauer about being one of the most despised creatures on Planet PC, a racist (well, a white racist—other skin tone racists are not reviled in anywhere near the same way, or at all), I thought you would enjoy seeing the future in Paula Deen’s plight if the enemies of marriage win this battle in the culture wars.

Here is an overview of her situation from Andrew Klavan, who points out that Bill Maher of all people actually came to her defense

Maher recently stood up for Paula Deen, a TV chef unkindly and unfairly fired from her show on the Food Channel for…  well, I’m not sure for what exactly, to be honest. A southerner in her sixties, she gave a couple of interviews in which she spoke awkwardly, though not hatefully, about race, and during a trial deposition she admitted that she had privately used what we are now constrained to call “the N-word,” though not for a long time and not necessarily in a negative sense. She apologized profusely but this did not keep her head off the chopping block.

So get this: The woman used the N-word at some point in her past, and thus she was fired from her job.

Now I want you to keep in mind that those who believe marriage is ultimately malleable and is whatever we define it, compare sexual attraction to race. To these people if you are sexually attracted to a person of the same sex this is no different from the color of one’s skin, because both are genetically determined. Forget the inconvenient fact that many people over the years have changed their sexual orientation, as it’s called, there is absolutely no evidence that such orientation is determined from conception or birth. In fact, human sexuality is much more fluid and complex than most people realize, and all kinds of familial and other life circumstances often determine which way orientation plays.

The goal of activists who want to redefine marriage isn’t equality or fairness, and in fact it has very little if anything to do with marriage, however one defines it. The goal is to legitimize one morality and delegitimize and demonize another. This is why you’ll see these people throw around the word hate so easily, or use the word bigot, or why they came up with the absurd term “marriage equality.”

To these people anyone who holds to a traditional view of sexual morality is the enemy of all that is decent and good and fair. They believe such people are akin to racists and one day they hope they will be treated as such.  So welcome to the future where anyone who dares utter a morality that doesn’t embrace homosexuality as wonderful and normal and good will be treated as Paula Deen has been for uttering a word white people are not allowed to use. How does it feel, you who believe what marriage is and has been for thousands of years, to be declared by your government and your culture a bigot?

I could say get used to it, but it won’t be so easy to pull off. Most Americans regardless of what they tell pollsters know that marriage is what marriage is, and that if children were not the result of sexual unions between men and women marriage would simply not exist. Marriage does not exist because two people are in love and are sexually attracted to one another; marriage exists because such unions produce children. Period. Thus most normal Americans do not and will never see people like me as bigots. This won’t stop our cultural elite from trying, but they will not win. Truth has a way of making itself known and reality can only be mocked for so long. This progressive experiment in social engineering will fail just like all the others have.