Who-Performing-Grammys-2014I heard there was a music industry awards show recently, something called the Grammys (who knew—sounds old). You would think an awards show dedicated to music would be about music, but I also heard the show was dominated by a political message affirming the redefinition of marriage. Thirty-three couples of all kinds, especially the same-sex kind, were actually married on stage on national TV to show America what something called “marriage-equality” looks like. I also heard Satan got a shout out, which is a real shocker for an industry which despises anything associated with traditional, especially religious values.

Remember the good old days when music was about, well, music; obviously an outdated concept in the 21st Century. Sure you had you protest music of the 60s, and music has always carried some kind of message, but something is different in 2014. First of all the music just isn’t all that good compared to everything that came before, and the groupthink of music industry elites is kind of creepy.

Back in the antediluvian times (before the 80s) rockers and folkies were proud contrarians (some even sang about wanting to die before they got old, now they want to live forever!). Now it’s all about some politically correct (i.e. liberal) agenda, be that redefining marriage or global warming (yep, it’s going to be 18 below tonight in Chicago), or Obamacare, or pick any liberal shibboleth you want.

Imagine (there’s no liberals. It’s easy if you try) how a true contrarian today, a true protester would be treated if he sang about and vigorously defended marriage as it’s always been known, or capitalism, or personal responsibility, or the nuclear family, mom, dad, kids. He’d be booed off the stage. At least at the Grammys.