My high school alma mater is a Catholic school, and it’s been gathering some national attention this week after rescinding an invitation to its graduation keynote speaker because not only is he gay, but as well engaged to be married to another man. These facts were not volunteered to the school’s principal when he made the offer to speak, but discovered later by a visit to the young actor’s Facebook page. Apparently it came as a surprise to the erstwhile speaker, also an alumnus of the school, that this information might’ve been critical to his selection as speaker.

The topic has become a cause celebre, and certainly a good career move for the young actor. HuffPo has weighed in, and a video made by the young man has gone viral.

However, I stand by my alma mater’s decision, which is the topic of my column today in The Michigan View:–The-First-Amendment-is-for-churches-too

Claude Raines is shocked that an engaged gay man would lose a speaking engagement at a Catholic school.