The envirocommunist movement is trying to drop the term global warming from their bag of scaremongering tricks because, well, it just doesn’t scare anybody anymore, writes Paul Chesser in The American Spectator.

In response to poll numbers showing the public to be increasingly skeptical toward claims that global warming is a crisis, the envirocommies are looking to switch to less tainted terms such as "our deteriorating atmosphere" and "climate change," Chesser notes.

Both the public and the envirocommies are responding to the same set of facts: that the earth is not warming (temperatures have fallen consistently for the past dozen years–have you heard much about that from the mainstream media?), scientists agree that a moderate warming of the earth would be good both for people and other life forms (as is proven by the earth’s history), and global warming is not manmade (the temperature has risen and fallen quite independently of manmade carbon-dioxide emissions and often in direct contradiction to them).

Of course, although the public and envirocommies are responding to the same set of facts, they’re reacting quite differently. The public is quite sensibly taking the recommendation of the economist John Meynard Keynes when he said, ""When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

The envirocommies and their satraps in the mainstream media are answering Keynes’s question in their usual way. They bully, lie, and manipulate.

S. T. Karnick