Dwight Schrute


Fact: At 4:07, 4:19 and 5:55 (close-up) of the following video,
Dwight Schrute from "The Office" is standing next to Harry Belafonte during
Quincy Jones’ iconic "We Are the World" Super Group benefit video.

 Don’t worry. I’ve confirmed this. I emailed Dwight myself. And he related the following information, quoted directly …

    Fact: Harry Belefonte smells funny after a night of partying.

    Fact: That’s not Cyndi Lauper’s real hair color.

    Fact: I was not the only one wondering why Huey Lewis was there. Willie Nelson gave me a knowing glance.

    Fact: Dionne Warwick tried to give me a Psychic Friends reading.

    Fact: Huey Lewis didn’t know who James Ingram was, either. Huey’s off the hook.

    Fact: Bruce Springsteen was just a little too into his singing part. (Editor’s Note: Dwight Shrute says he is convinced that Bruce was the most-sober performer — and since Dwight Schrute was fully sober, Dwight Shrute could definitely have taken him that night in a battle of martial arts.)

    Fact: Kim Carnes paid money to be included. Money wasted.

Dwight Schrute started to ramble after that. Something about how he thinks Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder are faking their ‘blindness’ to bump up record sales. “Everyone knows people open their wallets for the ‘handicapped’,”; he said. Anyway, I present the evidence: