Drew Carey to conservatives wanting to work in Hollywood: “You’re doomed.” In other words, he is telling conservatives seeking a career in entertainment, “Find another line of work, or adopt poses left-wing power brokers will accept.”

“In Hollywood, you can pretty much get away with being a libertarian,” Carey told John Stossel on the Fox Business Network. “But if you’re a conservative you’re kind of doomed.”

In a rather shocking admission, Carey acknowledges the blacklist against conservatives but effectively shrugs his shoulders:

“For awhile there I think people thought I was a big conservative and I think that kinda… I think actually did hurt, but libertarian is cool,” Carey stated. “I always describe libertarians as conservatives that still get high.”

Carey admits an ability to blend in and “make pretty good money” from the Hollywood Left, by figuratively waiving some pot around and saying, “I’m not a conservative. I like to get high!” Isn’t it nice that he can distract his employers with libertarianism’s left-wing aspects in order to keep his paychecks coming. And if the suits running ABC, which airs Carey’s “Whose Line Is It Anyway?,” support the Big Government, Nanny State Social Democrat Party of America, why should Carey care?

This displays a weakness in the laissez-faire attitude at the heart of Carey’s libertarianism. It works for him, as an individual who simply wants to earn a living. However, it displays a naiveté regarding the relationship between culture, politics, and the community at large. Carey doesn’t seem to understand how cultural influence professions shape people’s presumptions, which sets the stage for the Nanny State’s slow, inevitable growth.

This is quite frustrating when I see Drew Carey take up the good fight for his hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, through a series of Reason.TV videos. Clearly, Carey cares about communities close to his heart. Maybe he doesn’t see his Left-wing peers in the Entertainment Industrial Complex as part of his community. So it’s no skin off his nose when they shut out certain voices.

By the same token, however, he shouldn’t be surprised when once-great cities such as Cleveland and Detroit become destitute and dependent on that “government cheese.”

It is the inevitable consequence of the culture created by those signing your paychecks, Mr. Carey.