The only explanation I can come up with to explain those who deny Hollywood’s left-wing agenda is that they want to remain on the “Above the Line” cocktail party invite list. Either that or they are lying to themselves, and are nothing more than useful idiots to left-wing ideologues.

The Washington Post recently reported on Hollywood’s turn toward films promoting spiritual themes. The litany of spiritual themed movies includes Avatar, The Road, The Invention of Lying, The Lovely Bones, The Blind Side, The Book of Eli, Legion, and The Last Station. While many might pause at the “spirituality” the Dream Factory promotes in some of these films, I was struck by this opening quote from Greg Wright, editor at

“The more paranoid elements of our culture tend to think Hollywood has a proactive agenda, that producers have a grand scheme to use movies to shape the thinking of audiences. I don’t subscribe to that school. I believe that Hollywood gives audiences what audiences want to see. If people don’t want to see movies with certain messages, they won’t buy tickets. So if there’s a trend out there, it’s one reflecting what people are already thinking and feeling.” [Emphasis added]

Has Mr. Wright been so long in Hollywood that he is no longer aware of the waters within which he swims? Declaring that Hollywood does not have “a proactive agenda” and does not want “to shape the thinking of audiences” is like declaring MSNBC is an unbiased news source and Chris Matthews does not care if Pres. Obama is a grand success as POTUS.

Hollywood only gives people what they want? How then, does Mr. Wright explain film after film attacking American motives in the Iraqi front of the war against Islamo-nazism, which the American public nearly uniformly rejected? Theaters were inundated with left-wing, anti-war films: Redacted, In the Valley of Ellah, Lions for Lambs, The Manchurian Candidate 2004 remake, Battle for Haditha, and Syriana, just to name a few. Almost across the board, these projects were financial failures, and yet Hollywood kept producing them.

Maybe Mr. Wright has spent so much time in prayer that he’s missed Hollywood’s embrace of Michael Moore and his anti-American diatribes or Al Gore and his global warming hysteria. The Academy gave Oscars to these two men whose films were built on lies, fabrications and manipulated interviews.

As John Nolte noted, at, in a blistering take down of another Hollywood defender, “I guess five self-mocking titles over nearly two decades somehow trumps the full court press of 15 or so (and counting) anti-war movies we’ve seen in just two years “mocking” our country and, most unforgivably, those who defend it. “

Hollywood does not have “a proactive agenda” or wish “to shape the thinking of audiences?” What planet is Greg Wright living on?

James Cameron has effectively stated that he was not attempting to be subtle with Avatar’s messages:

[T]here’s a conscious attempt to evoke even Vietnam era imagery, with the way the guys jump off the helicopters and so on. It’s a way of connecting a thread through history. I take that thread farther back, and I sure like to have a little historical memory that goes back farther than that to the 17th, 16th centuries and how the Europeans pretty much took over South, Central and North America and displaced and marginalised the indigenous peoples there. … We had a tendency to just take what we want without asking, as Jake says. … There’s a sense of entitlement – we’re here, we’re big, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the technology, we’ve got the brains, therefore we’re entitled to every damn thing on this planet. And that’s not how it works, and we’re going to find out the hard way if we don’t wise up and start seeking a life that’s in balance with the natural cycles of life on Earth.”[Emphasis added]

According to Mr. Wright this does not encapsulate “a proactive agenda,” nor is Cameron attempting to “to shape the thinking of audiences.” And if you disagree then you are simply among the “more paranoid elements of our culture.”

Then count me among the paranoid. Hollywood has a very specific, proactive, left-wing agenda. Denying this fact surrenders the culture to the Left and prohibits the creation of a culture of liberty. I am befuddled as to why a confessed Christian would engage in this kind of behavior, though I am not surprised. It takes a very strong personality to resist Hollywood’s pressure to conform.

Strong personalities are desperately needed in the Cultural Influence Professions during these times. We cannot expect to produce a population that honors and builds respect for liberty and personal responsibility as long as we deny the obvious. The more creators who respect and honor America’s foundational values retreat from the entertainment professions, the more the agenda of men and women like James Cameron, Michael Moore, Susan Sarandon, Barbara Streisand, etc. will dominate our culture.